The gas will be formulated with the requirements of the customer's gas purity, dosage and pressure.

On-site (on-site)

QiYuan Gas will pass for customer understanding and analysis of gas demand, the customer premises or factory near exclusive investment construction to through the pipeline gas supply gas equipment, to meet customer demand for gas of high quality and stability.

The liquid gas supply

QiYuan Gas can also be based on customer provide liquid transportation and gas supply project, through the new liquid storage tank, genesis of gas will be through their own transport vehicles to transport liquid for customers, and through the carburetor gasification to realize the gas supply.

Cylinders gas business

QiYuan Gas can provide different specifications of the cylinders and valves to achieve the final demand of customers, at the same time for each bottled gas kai yuan gas will provide the corresponding inspection report to ensure the quality traceability. In the case of large-scale gas customers, the gas can also be supplied by a tube car to meet the gas needs of different types of customers.

OPOC business

As the only one with all the refining technology of gas from the air company, genesis of gas especially put forward the whole gas system solutions for our customers, from bulk gases such as oxygen and nitrogen argon and krypton xenon neon helium gases, genesis of gas will use the technical advantages for customers realize maximize the value of gas energy in gas.